… means so many things. Yoga is the union between the physical body, the mind and the soul with its power of intuition.

A regular practice…

… with all of its tools allows one to experience this union and strengthen it.


… becomes more coherent and one begins to strive instead of resisting and surviving.

Yogasha Shahrazad Chide professeur de yoga a Geneve


I propose two types of yoga:

Kundalini & Vinyasa

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is different from other types of mainstreamed yoga styles practiced in the West. It targets consciousness, meditation, the chanting of mantras and breathing exercises (pranayama). Hence, Kundalini Yoga is a series of powerful techniques (tools) which increase focus and our ability to enjoy and thrive through our existence, and within our environment. The aim of these tools is to balance the body’s physical and emotional sensations so we can be in touch with our soul.

What are the benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga ?

  • Increases breath capacity
  • Increases awareness of the body’s meridians and energetic centres (chakras)
  • Increases awareness of postures 
  • Balances our glands in order to strengthen our nervous and immune system
  • Purifies  the blood stream.  

While Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual practice, it is not religious and can be practiced by everyone, depending on certain adjustments. It is particularly suited for people facing psychological challenges, such as anxiety and trauma. 

Roll-out of a Kundalini Yoga session:

A Kundalini Yoga session usually lasts for an hour and a half. It is divided into 5 parts : 

  • Chanting of opening mantras
  • Warm-up based on a flow of postures, combined with breathing exercises
  • Kriya (sequence of postures), which focus on a specific theme 
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation (possibly accompanied by the chanting of mantra and/or breathing exercises and focus)

Vinyasa Flow

This type of yoga is based on Hatha yoga, which is the physical branch of yogic philosophy. Indeed, the practice of yoga is to enter a state of meditation, which is made easier by initially working with and through the body.  In the West, since the widespread of yoga in the beginning of the 20th century, Hatha yoga has predominated. Vinyasa yoga uses the postures of Hatha yoga by linking them into a flow, or a « dance ».

What are the benefits of practicing Vinyasa Flow?

On the physical level:

  • Strengthens the heart rate
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Enhances the body’s posture by strengthening and elongating the spine. 

On the subtle level:

  • Works on the 7 main chakras, starting with our roots (legs) all the way up to our crown
  • Liberates the different types of energies our body constantly produces during the practice
  • Provides a general sense of well-being by gently stretching the muscles. 

Roll-out of a Vinyasa practice:

 A Vinyasa class can last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. It begins with stretching exercises to slowly warm-up and open the body. Then, we go through a series of postures to enter the flow. We begin with rooting postures to gently anchor the body, before moving up along the spine. We end the practice with a relaxation posture to integrate the benefits of the session. 


    I give classes in English and in French, depending on the participants’ choice
    Timings are in GMT+1

    Weekly yoga classes in Geneva

    • Vinyasa flow on Mondays from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM at studio Espace Colibri
    • Kundalini Yoga on Tuesdays from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at studio My Brilliant Place
    • Kundalini Yoga on Thursdays from 7:45 PM to 9:15 PM at studio Akta Yoga

    My Brilliant Place:

    • Per class / 30.- 
    • Card for 10 classes, valid for 10 consecutive weeks / 250.-

    Espace Colibri:

    • Per class / 30.- 
    • Card for 10 classes, valid for 10 consecutive weeks / 250.-


    Akta Yoga:

    Prices here 



    Outdoor yoga by the Leman Lake,  in Geneva


    These classes are ad hoc and will take place depending on the weather. Check website calendar for dates.


      Price : On donation


      yogasha Shahrazad Chida professeur de yoga a Geneve

      Private classes in Geneva


      I give Kundalini & Vinyasa yoga classes in Geneva.




      • Vinyasa flow: 150.-
      • Kundalini yoga: 180.-



      yogasha Shahrazad Chida professeur de yoga a Geneve

      Weekly Sadhana at Espace Colibri


      “Sadhana” is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as « discipline » or « the means to accomplish something » It is a regular meditation practice which eventually becomes a lifestyle. 

      Usually, Sadhana is practiced early in the morning, before surise, at the time when the « vata » energy is at its peak and when harmonious vibrations enhance yoga and meditation practices. It’s also the best time to meditate, to wake up softly and energetically before the day begins. More than anything, Sadhana is a holistic practice to ignite the Kundalini energy and feel it vibrate within our body and soul. 

      A regular Sadhana practice provides us with a feeling of wellbeing throughout the various obstacles which can occur during the day.

      The sessions lasts 2 and a half hours and is divided into 4 parts:

      – Listening to or reciting of the « Japji » (sacred Sikh mantras)
      – Warm-up and Kundalini kriya (flow of specific energetic postures, based on a specific theme)
      – Relaxation
      – Chanting of the 7 Aquarian Kundalini mantras


      70.- at l’Espace Colibri



      Planning & booking


      Click on the class in the calendar to book…



      « I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. »

      Maya Angelou

       Next monthly morning Sadhana

      at Espace Colibri, on Saturday 2 September 2023 from 6 am to 8.30 am  – Reserve your spot in the calendar above!

      Kundalini yoga retreat in Provence

      From 11 to 15 October 2023

      Information here



      « Shahrazad est passionnée, et sait motiver ses élèves. Très tolérante, ses cours visent la douceur et l’harmonie avec soi-même!
      Elle est à l’écoute des demandes individuelles. Sa pratique mêle postures, exercices de respiration et méditations avec mantras, ce qui permet d’explorer de nouveaux horizons au fil des cours. Je recommande! »


      « I vividly remember my first-ever Kundalini yoga class with Shahrazad: the breath of fire, the chanting and challenging poses blended into a subtle yet intense practice that invigorated my body, healed my soul and pushed my boundaries. Shahrazad is a gifted and passionate teacher, who shares knowledge across many specialty areas as she explains each pose. Each class is structured around a theme, which always resonates with me. I highly recommend Shahrazad for the transformative experience that she offers through her yoga classes. »


      « Shahrazad m’a redonné goût au Yoga Vinyasa que j’avais déjà pratiqué en studio. Les enchaînements sont complets et les horaires de cours en visio hyper adaptés au rythme de la vie de famille! Ces cours permettent un recentrage sur soi et un travail corporel intense! »


      « Apres avoir suivi différents cours de yoga, je trouve que Shahrazad donne de très bonnes instructions et conseils pour effectuer les postures, surtout pour des cours en ligne. Je suis ses cours de Kundalini et Vinyasa. J’aime sa façon dynamique d’enseigner, avec toujours un brin d’humour et de légèreté. Je sors des cours de Kundalini détendue, mes champs d’énergie revigores, et en en connaissant un peu plus sur la dimension spirituelle, car Shahrazad nous enseigne toujours un petit peu de théorie. »


      « Nous avons ma fille et moi découvert les cours de yoga proposés par Shahrazad durant le confinement et cela a été une belle rencontre! Elle est passionnée et cela se sent: ses cours sont bien construits ( thématiques variées ), les explications sont précises et bienveillantes, et nous ressortons toujours ravies et pleines d’énergie des séances qu’elle propose. Nous recommandons vivement! »


      « Shahrazad a un don pour transmettre son amour du Yoga ! Son cours est complet et généreux, et il est à son image humble et authentique. Pour moi c’est plus qu’un cours, c’est un chemin de vie. »


      « Les cours de Shahrazad sont enthousiastes, rythmés, vivants ! J’ai beaucoup progressé grâce à elle, c’est une prof qui détaille chaque posture, chaque respiration, ses indications sont précises. C’est une prof qui croit en ses élèves et qui nous pousse vers le haut. J’apprécie particulièrement son attention à nos questions et le lien entre corps et esprit qui est fait à chaque cours ! Un yoga régénérant en profondeur ! »


      « J’ai suivi auparavant des cours de yoga avec différents profs. Avec Shahrazad, j’ai le sentiment d’avoir pu à la fois approfondir ma pratique et y trouver plus de sens et de plaisir. Shahrazad explique très bien les éléments clés de chaque posture, de façon à s’y retrouver très bien, même en distanciel ! Ses cours sont variés, rythmés. Elle nous fait régulièrement de nouvelles propositions. Elle nous accompagne et nous fait progresser avec bienveillance. Je recommande ! »


      « J’adore mes cours de Yoga avec Sha. Même mal en point je ne le raterais pas ! Ça fait tout simplement un bien fou. Sha a le don de vous emporter avec douceur et fermeté à la fois dans cet univers de bien-être qu’elle maîtrise comme sa propre nature. Une vraie yogi. »


      I have been practicing yoga since 2012 and have been teaching since 2019. During the first few years, yoga gave me a feeling of well-being and helped me begin the day with confidence. Then, little by little, I was overwhelmed by the need to feel my body, this body that I had been separating from my thoughts. I was not really listening to the cries my body was letting out and realized that my entire awareness emanated solely from my mind. After about a year, yoga became part of my daily routine and eventually, its sacred character slowly led me towards my soul, towards my true self; a path which I am still walking. It was at this point that I touched something bigger than myself and that I started deepening my practice and knowledge of yogic philosophy. 

      I began with Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, which allowed me to learn about the foundations of alignment and to taste the sweet sensations that the practice provides. But it is with Kundalini yoga,  since 2019, that I discovered myself; not only within my body, but also within my environment. I, who always wanted to understand and explain everything, realized that yoga was more about experiencing than understanding. This awareness brings one closer to inner beauty, wisdom and to the most elementary vibration which exists deep down in each one of us. Now, my ambition is to share the tools that yoga teaches us, especially to those who need it the most.

      With special thanks to those who continue to encourage and accompany me through this wonderful journey: to my teachers, Cynthia Reschke, Pedro Misle, Daniela Troconis, Judith Ender, Paula Villar, Sanjeev Bhanot, Manoj Bhanot, Catherine Beaubreuil and and to all the members of the YogaLife school, to my lifelong friends, Catherine, Alexia, Anne, Blandine, Muriel and to the person and best friend who brought me to my very first yoga practice in 2012, Oana Topala.

      Teaching experience

        Who am I?
        Who are you?
        You are what I feel when I go to that dark
        place where I know nothing.

        Where I am no more who I was taught to be…
        Now I am You and You are me.

        We are One, over there, where there is no I,
        Where there is no you.

        And only when I forget all that is thought to be,
        Do I become free – 
        To be with You

        Geneva, October 2020

        yogasha Shahrazad Chida professeur de yoga a Geneve


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